We are all made of star stuff

Our Story

KAS translates to a Sanskrit word which means Cosmos. We believe inspiration lies in the smallest things; we aim to re-live those experiences through our footwear. Inspiration, much like the Cosmos itself, is everywhere. Around us. Within us. We aim to evolve and start with a big bang as a cosmos would.


An Inspiration driven brand, KAS was started by a 20- year-old who has her eyes on the stars yet her shoes on the ground.

Although KAS as a brand is new, it comes with a rich history of shoemaking experience. Master Craftsmen breathe life into every shoe that bears the KAS logo.

We strive to maintain that perfect symphony between modern techniques in shoemaking and the traditional finesse of handcrafting shoes. In fact, all our Women Designer Juttis and other footwear are still hand-stitched in the traditional way.



At KAS we pay great attention to the reusability of our products and packaging. With our Tie-up range of footwear and an option to make your footwear Vegan, we aim to provide with best options for our customers.

Our attention to detail is one of the reasons that KAS shoes surpass expectations in quality for both raw materials as well as finish.