Frequently asked questions

KAS Shoes

How are kas shoes made?

All our shoes are handcrafted by some of the finest craftsmen of India. Each pair is made with great attention to detail using age old techniques and modern design sensibility.

Do we make vegan shoes?

Absoulety! We love to cater to all needs. All our footwear inculding Juttis can be made in Vegan Leather.

What techniques and material do we use?

We believe purity lies in the essence of the hertiage. In fact, all our Juttis and other footwear are still hand-stitched and hand embroidered in the traditional way. We use ethically sourced leather and vegan leather with the finest quality of raw material.

How do we design our shoes?

We believe every product has a story to tell, and we use our design sensibility and inspiration behind it to narrate the same to you.


Introducing our new personalisation service featuring sparkling crystal, embossed or embroidered letters, symbols and phrases, allowing you to create bespoke KAS shoes. It's KAS, by you.


Do our shoes fit wide feet?

The raw material used in our shoes is designed to fit and take the shape of your feet, narrow or wide.

What size do I order?

We follow European sizing for our shoes. Please refer the sie chart below.