K A S  C O M M U N I T Y

An Array of Stars

A n  O p p o r t u n i t y 


AS being a brainchild of a

20-year-old, we at KAS understand how a mere sum of money can go a long way especially during the teen years. 

P l a t f o r m


e aim to create a platform for young adults and to train them in social media marketing and sales.

G r o w t h

oung adults receive and practice online marketing and sales for KAS added with bonus birthday footwear,

special view of the upcoming collection first hand, discounts and other exciting offers.


R e w a r d

or every footwear sold by a member of the community,  10% - 15%  value of the footwear will added to the member's bank account or through other modes of payment. 


For more information please contact at thekasstore@gmail.com

Untitled-1-3 copy.png

With an emphasis on the versatility in color and design, at KAS we aim, to combine minimalism with contemporary design sensibility.  We Reimagine Footwear in terms of Design and Innovation giving up on the age old idea of Florals and bringing a line of footwear that are crafted keeping the comfort of the shoe in mind.

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